Final Project Outline: Boston Sports Media Watch

For my final project I have chosen to focus on media critic Bruce Allen, who runs the blog Boston Sports Media Watch. BSMW collects and reviews stories written about the four local professional sports teams: the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics. Each day the blog posts links to stories written that day about these teams and breaks down the coverage of each team. Allen also critiques the beat writers from time to time and provides commentary on topical issues.

My blog is focused on sports business, and while BSMW is not entirely devoted to this issue, there are aspects of the blog that are helpful. For example, Allen has commented in the past on the difference in coverage between the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald on the Red Sox considering the Globe’s connection to the team and its ownership. In this instance, business has an effect on how teams are covered by different media outlets, and that is certainly something I pay attention to with my blog.

Though it is called Boston Sports Media Watch, Allen actually runs his blog from his home in New Hampshire. I exchanged emails with him and he expressed interest in meeting up in Manchester, N.H., for an interview. I hope to profile his website, how it got started, what gave him the motivation, and how he uses digital media and social media to generate content.


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