Video Assignment: The Ballroom Thieves Acoustic Show

For my video assignment I shot and interviewed The Ballroom Thieves, a band from the Boston area. The trio came to my apartment for an acoustic show on Feb. 18, and I shot their performance while interviewing each member. I know the band through my roommate and I like their music, so I figured this would be a good video topic that once produced could help the band promote themselves.

Overall I thought the video went very well. Shooting wasn’t too difficult, I just had to make sure the lighting was bright enough and I got interesting shots of the band while they played. Interviews were a little bit tougher because I had to steady the camera on my tripod while asking questions. Since we had a lot of people at the apartment there was a good deal of background noise that interfered slightly.

Editing the video was a hassle. Finding a video format that was compatible with iMovie took quite some time, and I had to adjust the audio levels between the interviews and the shots of the band performing. It took quite some time, but luckily I thought I had a good flow to the story.

I liked the storytelling aspect of making the video. I had roughly 90 minutes of video to work with, and I enjoyed piecing it together to create a narrative. Making a video is a lot like writing a story or article or paper, you have to make sure the audience understands what is going on and is entertained. At the same time, there’s a lot of good stuff that gets left out when 90 minutes of footage gets cut down to less than five minutes of actual video.

If I were to re-do this I would definitely make sure I had someone else to help me with the camera and to take still photos. It can be somewhat difficult to multi-task, especially when you’re new to making videos (this was my first one).

Overall I think it worked out well for myself and the Thieves. The band was really excited how it turned out and they’ve been promoting the video through social media. It already has over 100 views. Hopefully they can gain some new fans via my video.

Check out the final product below.


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