Foray Into Flickr: Shooting a Women’s Hockey Game

For my Flickr assignment I chose to shoot the Northeastern vs. Maine women’s hockey game on Saturday at Matthews Arena. I’m a regular at Matthews for men’s hockey and basketball, but rarely do I see the women play. Since they’re having a great season and I like to support my Huskies teams I figured this would be a good choice.

Click on the photo to see my Flickr set

Since the arena was virtually empty except for friends and family of the players, I tried to move about the arena and get as many interesting angles as I could. I went up to the glass behind the net, into the stands on the lower level, in the press box from center ice and to the balcony from above. I’m certainly no pro with a camera, but I thought I got some pretty interesting shots, though I was unable to catch any of the goals.

I must say I have a new respect for sports photography. Catching a play in action, and doing so at the right moment from the right angle without any blur, is not easy. I took close to 100 photos during the game, and I’d estimate 25-30 were action shots with too much blur.

Check out my work in Flickr by clicking on the photo above, or just click here.


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