Beanpot Blues: As Storify Shows, Huskies Humbled By BC

For my Storify assignment I decided to recap Northeastern’s embarrassing 7-1 defeat to Boston College in the Beanpot Monday night. For me Monday night was my last Beanpot as an undergrad, and needless to say it did not go as well as I would have hoped.

I thought highlighting the Beanpot would be a good choice because there is a beginning, middle and end to my story. Every year so much is written about the Huskies’ struggle in the tournament, which they have not won since 1988. I was able to find a number of articles with the annual “could this be the year?” angle. Similarly, I happened to see a lot of tweets from people I knew hoping NU could finally pull off a win. This set the stage for the game from the Northeastern point of view.

The game itself was fairly competitive for the first 20 minutes, with BC taking a 2-1 lead. I threw some photos from my colleagues at the Huntington News in to give some context of the action. Unfortunately, NESN is very tight with video rights of the tournament, so I was unable to find any videos of the game, which would have been ideal.

The game got out of control in the second and third period, ultimately resulting in a 7-1 win for the Eagles. So many people from the Northeastern student section left in disgust I knew there would be reaction on Twitter. I found numerous tweets that showcased the level of frustration from Husky fans who were once again let down. This, mixed in with some mocking reactions from BC fans, brought a nice closure to the story I thought.

It would have been nice to find some video of the action to include if it were available. That would have made my Storify better, but I thought mine had a nice narrative from start to finish, recapping from NU fans’ point of view.


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